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Harbor Hall Renovations Bring Upgraded Facilities and Updated Technology to the Graphic Arts Program

The Graphic Arts Program received a generous $1,000,000 gift from Josephine Hall that has allowed them to provide major renovations to Harbor Hall at the USF St. Petersburg Campus. The funding and construction began in 2018 with the installation of a 17-station computer lab and the remainder of the project will be completed by the start of the fall semester. 

A hallway area is shown in a "before" and "in-progress" status.

Before / In Progress

The current renovations took place starting December 2020 and are nearing completion. These installations include innovative technology in all studio classrooms, new flooring and lighting, updated gallery space, magnetic walls for critique, and a combination of HBR 143 and 144 into one large studio classroom. All of which are aimed to enhance education, engagement, and creativity amongst students.

A long hallway is shown in "before" and "in-progress" status.

Before / In Progress

These updates have been made thoughtfully to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere reflective of a design program and the technology and classroom enhancements are student centric. The improvements will not only make the building more efficient for the Graphic Arts Program, but will also allow for more community engagement with an updated gallery space.

Four classrooms and labs are shown in "in-progress" states which are well equiped with computers and less cluttered.

In Progress

Jennifer Yucus, campus associate director of the School of Art and Art History said that “The Harbor Hall renovations provide the Graphic Arts Program with a space that encourages creativity, enhances learning, and promotes community engagement. Through this generous gift from Josephine Hall, we created a space that supports our mission of being a high-quality program that sends top notch graphic designers out into the world to do amazing things. The Graphic Arts Program is so grateful to have such generous support from the community. We look forward to more community partnerships that positively impact our award-winning students and faculty in the future.”