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Creative Pinellas: Tampa City Ballet, under the direction of USF Dance Instructor Paula Nuñez, recalls the 1930’s in Ybor City with "INTERSTICES – A Break in Continuity"

I am panting in the heat of a false fall day as I hurry towards El Circulo Cubano de Tampa, colloquially known as the Cuban Club. The Saturday bustle of Ybor City’s legendary 7th Avenue is at full volume as I walk past sidewalk preachers and street vendors selling cigars and single-stem carnations. As I turn onto the Avenida Republica de Cuba, I’m greeted by the ornately detailed Cuban Club – rebuilt in 1917 after the initial structure burned down in 1907. 

Momentarily stunned by the building’s imposing neo-classical design, I remember to slide on my mask — it is still 2021 after all — and am immediately refreshed by a light breeze of AC and the cool terrazzo floors underfoot.

The Tampa City Ballet’s kick-off event of the season, Interstices, begins right on cue for the matinee performance with a singer and pianist crooning in the corner of the first floor lobby.

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