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USF College of The Arts inspires local K-12 students through new outreach program

The University of South Florida College of The Arts is piloting an outreach program to bring interactive music, theater and dance performances to students in Hillsborough County Public Schools – a reflection of USF’s commitment to community engagement.

One of Dean Chris Garvin’s top priorities is to remove any obstacles that prevent the community from accessing the performing arts. In line with that mission, the performances are not only free for the public schools, but held during their school hours. In addition, the USF student and faculty performers take their show on the road and perform at one of the participating schools, when possible, to eliminate the steep cost of renting buses. If the performers can’t travel and a school can’t afford transportation to the USF Tampa campus, subsidies are available through the dean’s office.

“Some kids never get to visit a museum, they can't afford the price of admission, or the ticket to the show. I have always believed that ‘you have to see it to be it’ and with this program we are taking action to make the arts accessible to everyone," Dean Garvin said. "We are inspiring the next generation of musicians, dancers, and artists, giving them a glimpse of what they can become.”

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