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Dance Professor Unites Communities Of All Languages And Abilities

USF associate dance professor Andrew Carroll spent the first 10 years of his career performing as a soloist for the Philadelphia Ballet. “The performing chapter of my life was so extraordinary,” said Carroll, who teaches ballet in the School of Theatre and Dance.

Andrew Carroll shown with arms open while teaching a class.

When a teaching position became available at the University of Akron, Carroll’s alma mater, he took the opportunity to start the next chapter of his career in the university setting. While Carroll was initially worried if any career would measure up to the thrill of performing on stage, he quickly realized he liked teaching even more. “To see these students excelling is also super rewarding,” Carroll said.

Shortly after joining USF in 2010, Carroll was commissioned by the Florida Department of Health to produce a dance video that illustrates proper procedures for new cleaning staff and uses dance as the language. The video became such an international success, that he was hired to create two additional videos for the state. This inspired Carroll to produce more videos to raise awareness of bullying, suicide and human sex trafficking, all of which have been implemented in educational programs worldwide.

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