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School of Music Alumnus, Tyler Kline ’15, Celebrates 200th Episode of WUSF’s “Modern Notebook” and Expands to Nationwide Distribution

On July 2nd, WUSF Public Media will celebrate the 200th episode of the successful weekly radio program “Modern Notebook.” Created and produced by Tyler Kline, host on Classical WSMR, this program explores the exciting and evolving genre of contemporary classical music. In addition to this milestone, the program is opening a new chapter by expanding into nationwide distribution to other public radio stations. 
“Modern Notebook” is a unique program that highlights classical works primarily by living composers. Kline explores this engaging genre, bringing a broad array of music and insight to his audience. Through thoughtful research, curation, and occasional discussion with guests, listeners hear the stories behind each piece to add context and clarity to the music. Kline creates a new show every week for listeners and shines a spotlight on the artistic contributions of living composers, including those in often under-represented communities in classical music. 
”My intention through 'Modern Notebook' is to expose the WSMR audience to newer classical music in a way that is informative and accessible, so they may be able to appreciate it in the same ways they appreciate music by composers like Beethoven and Mozart,” said Kline. “This 200th episode is my favorite so far, bringing an exciting lineup of compositions that have stuck with me throughout my time producing this show. It’s full of composers I respect and pieces I believe the audience will find thrilling. It is truly an episode that highlights everything there is to love about the landscape of today's music.”  
The first 199 episodes of Modern Notebook have explored works that run the spectrum, everything from celebrated 20th Century composers such as György Ligeti and Toru Takemitsu to exciting new artists like Jlin, Golfam Khayam, and Reena Esmail. Kline brings additional focus to composers that engage with current events. The 200th episode will feature unique compositions that engage with the issue of climate change and respond to topics such as domestic violence in South Africa. With a new show every week, Kline shows the depth and impact of new work and composers in this genre.   
Kline earned his Master of Music Composition from the University of South Florida and is an active composer in addition to his work at WSMR. His music has been performed throughout the United States, and internationally in Asia, Europe, and South America. With his own background, Kline is able to direct the listener to the unique techniques and choices made by the artists in bringing these new works to life. 
JoAnn Urofsky, General Manager at WUSF Public Media, praised “Modern Notebook’s” success, “WUSF is incredibly pleased with Modern Notebook’s monumental achievement of 200 original episodes. The nation-wide availability of this program will invite more listeners to appreciate and engage with modern classical compositions and arrangements.” Looking forward, Urofsky sees this as a big opportunity, “Tyler’s unique skills and insight bring greater attention to the exceptional programming on Classical WSMR.”  
Each program is two hours, and currently airs Sunday evenings from 8-10 PM on Classical WSMR. Through distribution on The PRX Exchange, public radio stations across the country will have the opportunity to carry “Modern Notebook” and invite their listeners to discover today’s classical composers.  
“By making the program available on The PRX Exchange, we’ll be able to continue to serve the artists, and introduce an even broader scope of listeners to contemporary classical music,” added Kline.  
WUSF is proud to feature programs like “Modern Notebook” on Classical WSMR, encouraging further attention and wider appreciation for orchestral compositions and performance in the Tampa Bay area.

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