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Assistant Professor Sue Havens at Underdonk Gallery in NYC

Underdonk is pleased to present “Modular Mosaic,” co-organized by Leonora Loeb and Elisa Soliven. This group exhibition consists of twelve artists, including Eleanna Anagnos, Zoë Cohen, Rachel Frank, Priscilla Fusco, Ann/drew Gayle, Sue Havens, Matt Merkle Hess, Steve Keister, Alison Kudlow, Pooneh Maghazehe, Dionis Ortiz, and Eun-Ha Paek. Each artist constructs their pieces using modular parts to form a whole, while utilizing a range of materials, including paper pulp, wood, fabric, ceramics, glass, and resin.

In the mid-90s, Steve Keister developed the idea of an “ancient-modern” correlation, seeing the connection between his collection of styrofoam cartons and the inspiration that he gathered from sculptural relief forms of ancient Mesoamerican architecture. Through casting and mold-making techniques, he embodies this correlation in ‘Power Chord’, a stack of seven-colored monochrome plaques. Sue Havens also works with modular ceramic parts and a synthesis of language that is both contemporary and ancient. Shifting between painting and sculpture, Havens works “with indexical painting languages from a broad history in New York, (her) surroundings in Tampa, and from hundreds of photographs from Turkey.”

"Modular Mosaic" at Underdonk Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 11237

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