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Associate Professor Gregory Green at Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

The three-part exhibition, MINDBOMBS: Visual Cultures of Political Violence, is the first to simultaneously explore the effects of revolutionary socialist, right-wing extremist, and jihadist terrorist attacks on visual culture.

The extensive exhibition catalogue in English and German presents a highly topical artistic perspective on the history and political iconography of modern terrorism through the works of contemporary artists along with essays from a dozen writers who note the links between artistic and political revolution from 1789 onwards. The exhibition addresses the art historically and intuits the notable iconic status that images of attacks gain. Both the artworks and contemporary documents explore the question of how acts of political violence affect cultural memory through the media.

From the curator of the exhibition, Dr. Sebastian Baden:

RAF, NSU and IS are names of terrorist groups whose extremist propaganda and political violence challenge the visual arts to react decisively. 20 years after September 11, 2001, and 10 years after the discovery of the NSU in Germany, the exhibition is dedicated to the fighting term of terrorism and its changes in history from the French Revolution to the present.

To view the exhibition, visit the MINDBOMBS 360o Panorama virtual tour