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Art History Faculty & Student News

The Art History faculty and students had a very productive year publishing and delivering scholarly research presentations nationally and internationally.

And the work continues this summer as three faculty members received funding to conduct research abroad in Greece, Amsterdam and Turkey.

Following is a list of some of their most recent contributions to the field.

Faculty Publications


Helena Szépe. The Art of the Rennaissance Book. Ilaria Andreoli and Helena Szépe, eds.
Turnhout: Brepols (forthcoming 2022).

Book Chapters

Sheramy Bundrick. "Music as Mnēma on Athenian White-Ground Lekythoi." In L. Curtis and N. Weiss, eds. Music and Memory in Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds, 287-310. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

Sheramy Bundrick. "'Etruscanizing' Athenian Vases: The Case of Pelike from Foiano della Chiana." In E. Giudice and G. Giudice, eds. Studi Miscellanei di Ceramografia Greca VII: 55-81. Ediarch, 2021.

Helena Szépe. "Introduction," and "Benedetto Bordon, the Barozzi Master, and the Venetian Procurators." In Ilaria Andreoli and Helena Szépe, eds. The Art of the Rennaisance Book. Turnhout: Brepolis (forthcoming 2022).

Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Esra Akın-Kıvanç. "In the Miror of the Other: Imprints of Muslim-Christian Encounters in the Late Antique and Early Medievel Mediterranean." Dumbarton Oaks Papers 75 (2022): 237-262.

Pamela Merrill Brekka. "Introduction" in Dan Pelegrin ed., Oculto, no caminho. Fortaleza, CE. Forthcoming 2022.

Helena Szépe. "Fragmented and Forgotten. Italian Manuscripts in Arts, Design, and Natural History Museums." Rivista di storia della miniatura 26 (forthcoming 2022).

Facutly Summer Research

Esra Akın-Kıvanç, USF Creative Scholarship Grant for research in Turkey and Greece.
Sheramy Bundrick, USF Creative Scholarship Grant for research in Greece.
Elisabeth Fraser, CoTA Summer Grant for research in Thessaloniki (Greece) and Amsterdam.

Faculty Presentations

Helena Szépe, "The Model of the V&A and the Illuminations Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna," Fragmented Illuminations Symposium, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Sheramy Bundrick, "Apollo as Bridegroom on an Athenian Louthophoros," Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting, San Francisco.

Esra Akın-Kıvanç, The Pseudo-Kufic that Wasn't: The Allure and Misfortune of an Arabic Calligraphic Motif in Christian Contexts," The New College Medievel and Rennaissance Studies, Sarasota.

Elisabeth Fraser, "Louis Dupré in Ottoman Greece: Multiple Identities, Contradictory Encouters," Travel and Archaeology in Ottoman Greece in the Age of Revolutions, British School of Athens.

Elisabeth Fraser, "Two Sultanas and a Beardless Youth: Imperial Authority in an Ottoman Costume Album," Commité International des Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes conference, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Student Presentations

Tessa Artis, MA 2020, "Unutterable and Raging Desire: The Bride of Christ and Canticum Canticorum," Medieval and Renaissance Art at SECAC, Baltimore.

Vanessa Gillette, MA 2022, "'Unmistakably' Islamo-Christian: A Transcultural Approach to the Slade Flask." Medival Studies Student Colloquium, Cornell University.

Mia Rech, MA 2022, "'Framing' Kandinsky's Painting with Red Spot (1914): An Intervention of Abstraction and Meaning Making in the Museum of Space," Florida State University, Department of Art History, 38th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium.