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USF Clarinet Ensemble to Take Center Stage at International ClarinetFest in Dublin, Ireland

College of The Arts at the University of South Florida is proud to announce that our esteemed USF Clarinet Ensemble is one of only three American universities that has been invited to perform at the prestigious ClarinetFest® 2024 in Dublin, Ireland!

What is ClarinetFest?

Regarded as the premiere clarinet festival, this international event, hosted by the International Clarinet Association (ICA), is a major gathering for clarinetists around the world, featuring performances, masterclasses, exhibits, and competitions.

The USF Clarinet Ensemble's invitation to perform at ClarinetFest is a tremendous honor, showcasing the group's exceptional talent and dedication on a global stage. This opportunity allows the ensemble to connect with fellow clarinet enthusiasts, gain valuable experience, and represent College of The Arts at USF with distinction.

USF Clarinet Ensemble Will Shine at ClarinetFest

The Clarinet studio performs on stage.

At ClarinetFest, students and faculty will be performing a full concert on August 1st where this exciting program will feature new works by USF composers Paul Reller and Justin Giarrusso, showcasing the innovative spirit of the School of Music.

The concert will also feature the talents of the USF Clarinet Faculty in individual recitals. Clarinet Instructor Asher Carlson will be giving a recital of commissioned works for clarinet and actor. Professors Calvin Falwell and Kevin von Kampen will join forces for a recital of new works for Clarinet and Percussion.

This is a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to showcase their talent, skill, and passion for their instrument.

Check out some student highlights of the past few years:

  • The USF Clarinet Ensemble was featured at ClarinetFest ‘23 in Denver, Colorado for the festival’s 50th anniversary. This was also the first time USF had representation at ClarientFest!
  • Students have advanced in auditions for the Pershing's Own and USAF Academy Bands.
  • All Music Education graduates are fully employed after graduation.
  • Students have attended:
    • The National Music Festival
    • Rocky Ridge Festival
    • Saarburg Festival
  • Competition Success:
    • First Coast Wind Ensemble Young Artist Competition - Winner
    • American Single Reed Summit Young Artist Competition - Finalist
    • Ocala Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition - 2 Finalists
  • Orchestra Positions Secured
    • Tallahassee Symphony, 3rd/Bass Clarinet
    • Venice Symphony Orchestra, Principal Clarinet
  • Conference Presentations:
    • Sun Coast Music Educators Conference Presentation
  • Graduate Student Achievements:
    • Graduate Students have been featured performers at ClarinetFest 22, 23 and 2