Fraud Awareness Initiative

In November 2022, the USF Office of Internal Audit kicked off its Fraud Awareness Initiative seeking to further educate the university community on this important topic.  Regular updates include:

  • Monthly “flash” reports on emerging fraud topics and trends
  • Webinar training on fraud prevention and detection
  • Presentations upon request for leadership/unit staff meetings
  • Special daily events during International Fraud Awareness Week 

For anyone who suspects fraud may be occurring, notify your supervisor or report your concerns to the University’s EthicsPoint Hotline (866.974.8411 or USF EthicsPoint) where you may choose to remain anonymous. 

For more information regarding the responsibility all of us have to report suspected fraud, please see USF Regulation 5.001: Fraud Prevention and Detection.

Find out what you can do to make a difference, we are counting on you to be a fraud fighter at USF!

Detecting Altered and Fictitious Documentation

It's important to be watchful for altered or fictitious documentation because individuals who commit fraud may alter or create documentation to conceal their actions. The following presentation highlights key characteristics that may indicate fraudulent documentation: Detecting Altered and Fictitious Documentation.

Fraud Awareness Week Resources

Click the image below to learn how to fight fraud in your organization:

How to be a Fraud Fighter in your organization

Monthly Flash Reports

January 2023: Fraud Red Flags

February 2023: Access Controls

March 2023: Skimming Fraud

April 2023: Cash Larceny Schemes

May 2023: Procurement Fraud

June 2023: Travel and Expense Reimbursements

July 2023: Payroll Schemes

August 2023: Attractive Items

September 2023: Procurement Card Controls

October 2023: Big 3 Fraud Failures

November 2023: What is Identity Theft?

December 2023: Identifying Altered Receipts and Invoices

January 2024: Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

February 2024: Tone at the Top

March 2024: Theft of Information Assets

April 2024: Signatures are a Key Fraud Control

May 2024: Validating Information and Documentation

June 2024: Is Your Workspace Secure?