The USF Internal Audit Charter identifies the purpose, authority, and responsibilities of the USF Internal Audit office.

Organizational Chart

Internal Audit's organizational chart depicts our current structure and reporting authority.


USF policies and regulations governing Internal Audit and its functions have been established to facilitate their role at the university. These policies cover internal control objectives, authority of the Internal Audit office, and responsibility for detecting and reporting waste, fraud, or financial mismanagement.

State Guidance

Florida-specific rules, regulations, and statutes are referenced and cited when conducting various audit engagements.

University Resources

University resources are also utilized, as needed, during the course of an audit engagement.

USF BOT Audit and Compliance Committee

USF Board of Trustees' Audit and Compliance Committee (ACC) is composed of Trustees and Vice Presidents, who focus on the internal audit function, the audit work plan, and compliance effectiveness.