Academics and Campus Environment Committee

Focuses on Academic Affairs, USF Health, Student Success, Intercollegiate Athletics.

Committee Membership

Trustees: Charles Tokarz, Chair; Tim Boaz, Julia Cunningham, Oscar Horton, Les Muma, Melissa Seixas
USF Foundation Board Liaison: Debbie Sembler
University Leadership Liaison: Dr. Ralph Wilcox
Liaisons: Dr. Cynthia S. Visot, Dr. Terry Chisolm, Dr. Dwayne Smith


Internal audit function, work plan and charter, and compliance effectiveness.

Committee Membership

Trustees: Sandra Callahan, Chair; Oscar Horton, Shilen Patel
University Leadership Liaisons: David Lechner and Nick Trivunovich
Staff Liaison: Gina Lombardi

Finance Committee

Focuses on financial affairs including operating and capital budgets, legislative budget requests, investment policies, fees, advocacy before state and local governments, and facilities planning and construction.

Committee Membership 

Trustees: Michael Griffin, Chair; John Ramil, Vice Chair; Michael Carrere, Charlie Tokarz, Will Weatherford
USF Foundation Board Liaison: Chip Newton
University Leadership Liaisons: David Lechner and Nick Trivunovich
Staff Liaison: Gina Lombardi


Sets the strategic direction of board, presidential contract/annual evaluation, board operations, board relations with Governor, Board of Governors, legislators, legislative strategy, service area community leadership, board recruitment, and campus advisory board oversight.

Committee Membership

Trustees: Will Weatherford, Chair; Sandra Callahan, Les Muma, John Ramil, Jordan Zimmerman
University Leadership Liaison: Dr. Cindy Visot
Staff Liaison: Tammy Brown 

Strategic Initiatives Committee

Identifies strategic initiatives in higher education, research & healthcare on a national and international level, long-term university strategy, strategic initiatives to enhance economic development and job creation for our region and state, legislative strategies, partnerships (healthcare, research, community engagement), clinical strategies to enhance activities and efficiencies.

Committee Membership

Trustees: Michael Carrere, Chair; Mike Griffin, Les Muma, Shilen Patel, Melissa Seixas
University Leadership Liaison: Brian Ten Eyck
Staff Liaison: Paige Geers

Note: Board of Trustees Chair Jordan Zimmerman is ex-officio to all committees.