Academics and Campus Environment Advisory Council

The Academics and Campus Environment Advisory Council (ACEAC) is a university-wide council with the chief role of advising the President and the Provost on what items should be reviewed and/or acted upon by the Board of Trustees Academics and Campus Environment (ACE) Committee. ACEAC develops, reviews, and advises on university initiatives and activities related to:

  • Academic issues including academic programs, faculty matters, enrollment management, and academic support;
  • Student issues and policies, including student housing, judicial, student life, student health, and student security;
  • Strategic planning and accountability, including student success, accreditations and diversity, and equal opportunity;
  • Intercollegiate athletics, including student-athletes and marketing and attendance; and
  • International affairs, including study abroad and curricular.

ACEAC also reviews fee and tuition recommendations submitted to the Finance and Audit Advisory Group, and advises the Group as appropriate. The Advisory Council also serves as a communication forum for ACE issues by sharing appropriate and timely information. 

The Advisory Council should meet a minimum of four (4) times a year, with its meetings aligned with preparation for the meetings of the ACE Committee. Interim meetings may be called for reviewing Academic Program Pre-Proposals in preparation for presentation to the Board of Governors and relevant workgroups.

ACEAC Structure and Membership 

The Academics and Campus Environment Advisory Council will include the following membership. The Advisory Council may also, at its discretion, form smaller subgroups for particular areas, issues, or initiatives, and invite assistance from expertise within or beyond the university on particular issues. The chair is appointed by the Provost and Executive Vice President. 


Office of the Provost

Theresa Chisolm (Co-Chair)

Tanya Vomacka (Co-Chair)

Student Success

Cindy DeLuca

Office of the Provost

Pritish Mukherjee

Steve Tauber

Dean of Students

Danielle McDonald 

Undergraduate Studies – Dean’s Office

Allison Crume

Graduate Studies – Dean’s Office

Ruth Bahr

Academic Affairs, St. Petersburg campus

Thomas Smith

Student Affairs, St. Petersburg campus

Patti Helton

Academic and Student Affairs, Sarasota-Manatee campus

Brett Kemker

USF World

Kiki Caruson

USF Health

Javier Cuevas

Research & Innovation

Sylvia Thomas

USF Libraries

Todd Chavez

Faculty Senate

Jenifer Jasinski Schneider

Intercollegiate Athletics

Brendan Armitage

Information Technology

Sidney Fernandes

Council of Deans

Magali Michael

Facilities & Public Safety

Carole Post

Human Resources

Angie Sklenka

Business & Finance

Jennifer Condon

Staff Support

Jonna DeSantis, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Tammy Reed