About Us


The mission of the USF-BFSA shall be to foster an environment of mutual support and respect for Black employees working at the University of South Florida. The USF-BFSA shall engage in such activities that will benefit the constituent members in the areas of social support and professional networking as well as in the areas of advocacy and representative action within the University and surrounding communities. The USF-BFSA recognizes the existence and supports the continued work of Black institutional organizations focused on matters of concern to Black faculty, staff and students at the University of South Florida.

The USF‐BFSA shall operate to enhance the presence of Black faculty/staff and the organizations working on their behalf at USF. Through the broad representation of all Black employees of the University, the USF-BFSA shall serve as a source of information for and about the advancement of Black faculty and staff within USF, its surrounding communities and coordinate efforts that will benefit its members.


The Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA) is comprised of committed, active members made up of USF Faculty, Staff, Students and the Tampa Bay Community. We are interconnected through community engagement which involves service through mentorship and professional development. This is accomplished by empowering and enhancing members lives as well as advocating for a diverse community.

We do all this pro-actively with integrity, respect and professionalism towards all.

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Goals of bfsa

  1. Enhance its member's lives by providing professional development to its members and contribute to the success of under-represented, underserved students of color by awarding scholarships
  2. Provide a network of mutual support for Black faculty and staff.
  3. Provide a mediating structure for issues concerning Black faculty and staff at USF.
  4. Serve as an advocate for Black interests which cut across existing-Black organizational structures.
  5. Provide a social environment for informal interaction between Black faculty and staff.
  6. Support initiatives to increase and retain the number of Black faculty and staff on all USF campuses.
  7. Sensitize the University community to the academic and professional needs of Black faculty and staff arising from historical factors and institutional practices.