Submitting PCard Documents

All documents sent to Payment Services including Invoices and Cardholder Activity Statements with Receipts should be scanned in as a PDF or in a PDF compatible format, in black and white (no color) and at no higher than 200 dpi resolution. Only one document should be attached per email.

If emailing scanned documents is not possible, send originals via campus mail to mail stop SVC 1039.

PCard Services

Documents sent to

  • Send only complete Cardholder Activity Statements. Do not e-mail until all required signatures are acquired on the statement.
  • Scan the document in black and white at 200 dpi resolution and attach the document to your email as a PDF or PDF compatible format.
  • Send each Cardholder Activity Statement and supporting receipts in a separate email. Do not split one statement package into separate attachments.
  • The email subject line should have the last name of the cardholder and the statement date. Example – Smith – 01/04/2012.

Note: Any documents that are not legible will be rejected and require resubmission.

If you have questions please contact Kim Kegler in Support Services @ 974-5669 or