PCard Training

Cardholder Training Part 7

Part 7:  Viewing Charges in FAST | Monthly Cardholder Activity Statements | Export Control Regulations

Viewing Charges in FAST

  • Log in to My USF
  • Go to Business Systems -> FAST
  • Once in FAST go to: Purchasing -> Procurement Cards -> Reconcile -> Reconcile Statement
  • On the next screen you will enter the PCard holder's Employee ID in the designated box and click "search"

Monthly Cardholder Activity Statement


What are Export Control Regulations?

  • A complex set of US laws and regulations designed to:
    • Restrict the use/access to sensitive technical information, materials, and technology for reasons of national security.
    • Ensure that sensitive items, technology, and know-how are not used for nefarious purposes.
    • Restrict financial transactions and the provision of services to certain entities.
    • Can result in large fines and/or prosecution.

Examples of University Activities That May be Subject to Export Controls:

  • Buying an item from a foreign company or university.
  • Purchasing equipment designed/modified specifically for military end use.
  • Purchasing an item where the vendor is imposing restrictions on the operation, installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and/or refurbishing of the item, the manual, or its blueprints.
  • Shipping an item internationally to a foreign entity.

  • Purchase of drones and/or biological toxins

USF Office of Export Controls

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