PCard Training

Reconciler Training Part 5

Part 5: Restricted Purchases

restricted table1

  1. Examples of personal convenience items include room service, wall clocks, and coffee makers. Exceptions may be granted for items like a refrigerator or microwave depending upon the business purpose.
  2. USF is exempt from paying Florida sales tax. You may pay sales tax when making purchases in other states.
  3. Capital Equipment = a stand alone item, with a lifespan of one year or more, and costs $5,000.00 or more (including shipping & handling).
  4. USF Departments may only be paid using an Interdepartmental Transfer. Your PCard may be used at the
  5. USF Computer Store and Barnes & Noble bookstore (which are considered external vendors).
Item Allowable Under Specific Circumstances
Office Supplies

Office supplies must be purchased from Office Depot regardless of the USF contract price. An exception to this rule can only be made when an item is out of stock.

Office Depot Representative:
Michael Kort

Use the following link to register your PCard and receive the USF contract price and tax exempt status while shopping both In-Store and Online: https://odams.officedepot.com/registrations/usf.php

Use the following link to shop online: https://business.officedepot.com/

Food Food is considered an allowable purchase on a PCard if (1) the cardholder has "food permission" set up on their account, and (2) the food is paid for using an appropriate funding source. Cardholders should reference the Expenditure Matrix Guide for valid business purposes and funding sources related to the purchase of food.
Food purchases are classified as either Event Meals or Business Meals.

All receipts for the purchase of food should include the following information: (1) name of the event, (2) date of the event, (3) number of attendees, and (4) business purpose of the event.

Receipts for business meals should be accompanied with a business agenda and the names of the attendees.

Alcohol is NEVER allowed to be purchased using a PCard.

Gift Cards  Can only be purchased for research study participants. The cardholder must complete a Request To Purchase Form for gift cards before making their purchase.
Software Software is considered capital equipment when its unit price is $1,000.00 or more. Software with a unit price of $1,000.00 or more must be approved by UTSB before it can be purchased on a PCard.
Clothing Clothing to be used for identification purposes of a USF employee must have a perquisite form on file with Purchasing Services.
Entertainment Vendors USF PCards are not allowed to be used for purchases with entertainment vendors (museums, theaters, resorts, etc.). Special exceptions can be granted. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact pcard@usf.edu to inquire whether an exception can be granted.
SunPass A SunPass can only be purchased for a university state-owned vehicle. The cardholder must contact pcard@usf.edu and complete a Request to Purchase Form for a SunPass.
Repairs to Equipment Repairs to equipment can be paid for using a PCard. The cardholder should include the item's tag number (or serial number) and the location of where that piece of equipment is stored.
Contractual Services Contractual services can be paid for using a PCard only AFTER the contract has been reviewed and approved by USF Contract Management System.
iTunes Accounts & iTunes Apps iTunes accounts and apps can only be purchased for USF-owned devices. On the receipt for the purchase, the cardholder should provide the device's serial number and the department/area it belongs to.
Amazon, PayPal, & eBay Accounts The account must be completely unique and separate from the cardholder's personal account. Amazon Prime is an allowable purchase on a PCard.
Gasoline Gasoline can only be purchased for a university state-owned vehicle or a rental vehicle. Gasoline can never be purchased for a personal vehicle. The cardholder must provide the vehicle's tag number on the receipt.
Technology Items Technology items are an allowable purchase using a PCard. They must be purchased in accordance with the universities technology acquisition policy (00-518).
All USF Logos & The USF Seal The use of a USF Logo or the USF Seal must be approved by University Communications & Marketing prior to its use.
Books Books can be purchased using a PCard ONLY if the unit price of the book is $249.99 or less.
Memberships Memberships can be purchased using a PCard. The cardholder should provide a justification which explains the benefits of the membership to the university. This justification should be included with the receipt in the monthly Activity Statement.
Class 3B & Class 4 Lasers1 Each Class 3B or Class 4 Laser you acquire must be registered with the USF Laser Safety Program. A Laser Registration Form must be completed for each laser you acquire. The form can be found in the USF Laser Safety Manual on the USF Laser Safety webpage. Laser Safety training is required per the USF Laser Safety Manual.
  1. Please contact the USF Laser Safety Officer with questions you have regarding their program: (813)974-1194 or radiation.lasersafety@usf.edu.

PCard Services MUST be contacted regarding any exception to these restrictions. The exceptions must be documented and should be included with the receipt when preparing the monthly Activity Statement.

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