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Mentor Protégé Program

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The Mentor Protégé Program with the USF Office of Supplier Diversity in conjunction with Skanska engages small and diverse subcontractors through partnership, training, and development with the goal of strengthening businesses and building capacity. The participants received instruction from Skanska, USF faculty & staff and industry professionals who shared their knowledge and provided insight into not only being successful on Skanska projects, but also what it takes to be a successful business in the construction industry.

The upcoming Mentor Protégé Program cohort will Kick-off in August 2023 with firms recommended by our community partner organizations. Firms are eligible for participation if they have been in business for at least one year and are specific to the construction industry, i.e. trades, suppliers, vendors, etc. Submissions for the 2023 cohort are currently closed, however you can sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about our programs.

Those partner organizations include:   
Inclusive St. Petersburg  
Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce

Our community partners have completed selection for the next program cohort, which will run from August 2023 to October 2023. 

Read more about the success of our previous two cohorts here.

2021 Mentor Protege Cohort

2021 Mentor Protégé Program Cohort

Past Program Session Topics:    

  • Environmental Health & Safety                                                
  • Field Management                                        
  • Human Resources                                        
  • Marketing & Business Development       
  • Legal                                                               
  • Project Accounting                                       
  • Project Planning & Preconstruction          
  • Sustainability    
Nia Olgetree Arielle Group at Graduation

Nia Ogletree of Arielle Management Group, LLC at 2021 Mentor Protégé Program Graduation

 The 2021 Mentor Protégé Program cohort included: 

  • AAA Restoration & Builders Team LLC 
  • Angel’s Cleaning Service 
  • Arielle Management Group LLC 
  • DuCon LLC 
  • E&I Mechanical LLC 
  • Evolve Mechanical Services LLC 
  • Len’s Roofing Inc. 
  • Phill’s Home Construction 
  • Samamed Home Improvement LLC 
  • Secure2ware Inc. 
  • WSV Group Inc. 

The 2022 Mentor Protégé Program cohort included: 

  • BSM Rescreen and Repairs LLC
  • Cablelytics LLC
  • Carter Companies LLC
  • Chosen Industries, LLC
  • Citrus Roll Off Dumpster, LLC
  • Essential Janitorial Solutions
  • Lenox Millennial Cleaning LLC
  • Mary Butler, LLC
  • MJ Renovation Group dba MJ Renovation
  • Optional Solutions, LLC
  • Pinder Construction & Construction Management Services LLC
  • Smiley's Restoration & Painting Services, LLC

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 weekly training sessions were held virtually, but OSD plans to hold the 2023 sessions in person.