Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not able to find the answer to your question here, please contact support@academiacentralmooc.org.


Will you offer this certificate again in the future?

The initial certificate program was offered in the spring of 2021.  Content presented live was recorded and starting Sept. 27, 2021, the USF Muma College of Business will allow registrants to view this pre-recorded content and take quizzes to earn the certificate.  Participants must register and complete the course on academiacentral.org by Dec. 31, 2023. 

I registered for the second session. What do I do next?

While the content is available free of charge to anyone who registers, those who want a digital certificate and badge will be charged a modest fee ($99).  To earn the certificate and badge, participants must pass all seven quizzes with a minimum score of 70 percent.  Participants can watch modules and take quizzes at any time.  Once all seven quizzes are completed, an invitation to accept the certificate and badge will be sent by admin@credly.com.  The quiz platform will remain open through December 31, 2023.

How do I tell if I am registered for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate program?

Registrants should receive a confirmation message about 15 minutes after completing the registration form.  That – and additional emails – will be sent from the academiacentral.org domain. Please add it – and the credly.com domain – to any safesenders lists to avoid issues with junk and spam filters.

Do I need to pay first to take the quizzes? Or can I upgrade to the paid version later?

The contents of this certificate program is available immediately and for free of charge. While the content is available free of charge, you need to upgrade to the paid version to take the quizzes in order to earn the Credly certificate and badge, which will be awarded after participants pass all seven quizzes. If you fail any of the quizzes, you can retake them as many times as you want.

I can't afford to pay $99. Is there a way for me to get the certificate free of charge?

The first version of this program was offered for free of charge to 135,000 people. The modules for are still available free of charge. There is a $99 charge if you want to get a certificate and a badge (this is a hard cost to us). Unfortunately there is no scholarship for this as the information is provided for free of charge.

academiacentral Account

I confirmed my academiacentral account but it shows that I am in the audit track.  Will I receive the certificate?

Yes.  It does not matter if you are in an audit track. All participants who score at least 70 percent on all seven quizzes will receive the certificate.  The "audit track" notation does not matter.

I am having trouble setting my password for the MOOC/AcademiaCentral.

There can be several reasons why you might be having trouble.

  1. There was a typo or error in the email address when you registered on mooc.academiacentral.org.
  2. You have inserted a space in your public username field.
  3. The automated activation email message was caught by your spam filter. 
  4. Your email provider might have blocked the automated email message.

Here's what you can do:

  • Check your spam or junk mail folder for an email from support@academiacentralmooc.org.  Add support@academiacentralmooc.org to your email contacts or approved senders list.
  • Remove any spaces in your public username.
  • Try registering again with the same email address. If the account already exists, you'll see an error indicating that there is a duplicate email address.
  • From the mooc.academiacentral.org log in page, click "Need Help Signing In? and then click "Forgot my password." The password reset message will activate your account.

I want to remove myself from this program.

Please watch this tutorial to remove yourself from the academiacentral platform.  If you also want to be removed from any future emails or newsletters, email us and we will unsubscribe you from the college’s mailing list.

Content/Program Elements

When does the program begin?

While some of the pre-recorded content may reference dates that have passed (or live sessions with Q&A), the entire second session is pre-recorded and may be accessed at any time.  Once registered, participants can watch the pre-recorded content and take quizzes immediately.

Will there be homework or pre-reading? Will I need to access or buy any textbooks?

No, though some presenters may provide optional reading materials for a particular module.

Do I have to have an undergraduate degree in business to register?

No. While the program is targeted toward those in business, a business education background is not required. Many concepts will, of course, require an understanding of essential business practices.

If it is pre-recorded, how do I ask questions or participate in the chat?

The spring 2021 session was offered live and included Q&A opportunities as well as chat opportunities on social media.  While these are not available for the second session, participants can view prior conversions – or even add to them – by using the #USFDEICert hashtag on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  Searching these platforms for this hashtag will also bring up several groups created organically during the first session (these are unaffiliated with USF or the sponsoring organizations).  Many of these informal groups have ongoing discussions related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, particularly as it relates to jump-starting changes in organizations.

Is content captioned?

The pre-recorded sessions include automatic captioning.  Additionally, transcripts are available on the academiacentral platform.

Where can I find the recorded sessions or links to content shared during a module?

Recorded content is available on academiacentral.org for each module where registered participants can access links to any resources the faculty member or other presenters shared.

How do I access the quizzes and what if I fail a module quiz?

Quizzes are administered via academiacentral and participants have an unlimited number of attempts to earn the 70 percent passing grade (once a score of 70 percent is earned, there is no need to take it again). Participants are encouraged to re-watch content from that module before taking the quiz again.

Can this certificate and/or any of its modules count toward Continuing Professional Education Credits for SHRM, SPHR, HCRI, CPAs, CHRP, APR and similar licenses or accreditation programs? Can it count toward a degree program or offer Continuing Education credits?

This program qualifies for 1.4 CEUs from the University of South Florida.  This will be noted on the badging program.  Any questions regarding credit hours for a specific profession should be directed to a state licensing board or appropriate contact (reach out to SHRM, HCRI, etc. for these questions; USF did not apply for any special certification credits). Modules do not count toward any degree-seeking program at USF.

Are the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion certificate/modules applicable to a degree?

No. As a non-credit training program, it will not apply toward any degree programs.


How will I know if I have earned the certificate? Will there be a final exam or similar testing?

There will be a multiple choice quiz after each module. Participants must score a 70 percent or higher on each quiz to earn the certificate. The quizzes have unlimited attempts.  Quizzes will be available through December 31, 2023.

There is no final exam.

When should I expect to receive my badge?

Once all seven quizzes are completed, an invitation to accept the certificate and badge will be sent by admin@credly.com.  The quiz platform will remain open until December 31, 2023.  Quizzes may not be taken after the platform closes.

The badging platform allows users to print a PDF certificate. No hard copies are mailed.

How can my employer verify that I earned the certificate?

Once the digital badge is earned and claimed, employers will be able to click on the digital credential to verify the certification and view information on the topics that were covered in the program.

How can I connect with a presenter in the program?

Presenters, faculty and guest speaker contact info will be shared on the website, provided the speakers are open to such outreach.

I started the program previously but did not earn the certificate and badge.  Do I have to take all seven quizzes again? Can you pull my previous scores?

All prior scores were erased when the initial program closed May 24, 2021.  Anyone wishing to participate in the second session must take all of the quizzes again.

Claiming Your Certificate And Badge

I passed all of the quizzes but didn't see the certificate after I took the last quiz.

Once all seven quizzes are completed, an invitation to accept the certificate and badge will be sent by USF's Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education (via Credly).  Kindly add admin@credly.com to any safesender lists to avoid any issues with spam filters. Participants should check their junk and spam folders for it; those who cannot find it can reach out to support@academiacentralmooc.org for assistance.

I don't see the certificate on academiacentral. Where do I get it?

Participants who earn the certificate will receive an email inviting them to accept the credentials. A new login is required on the Credly site as it is separate from academiacentral. It requires a separate login.

Will USF send me a printed copy of my certificate?

USF will not print certificates but participants are welcome to download and print their own certificate. This video details how to download the certificate.

How do I put the badge on my social media accounts?

After claiming the badge and email, participants can display the badge on social media, electronic resumes or in email signatures. Watch this video for more information about managing the badge.