Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate


Module 1 - Emotional Intelligence

Learn the key skill of leading diversity & inclusion

Introduction to self-awareness and empathy - core to diversity & inclusion leadership strategy.

Module 2 - Stereotypes & Biases

Understand how your brain works

Build more insightful awareness in the workplace around biases and systematic discrimination against any group of people.

Module 3 - Understand Your Organization

Analyze your current organization's progress

Tools to analyze your organization's diversity & inclusion mission, as well as how to be aware of customers' or vendors' expectations for policies of diversity & inclusion.

Module 4 - Future of Your Org Through Diversity & Inclusion

Shift from awareness to action

Shifting your mindset from understanding diversity & inclusion within & around you to creating action to dive a more diverse & inclusive workplace. Discover what diversity & inclusion can look like at your organization.

Module 5 - Recruitment & Retention

Diverse talent is key to an inclusive culture

Learn strategies to bring in diverse talent and retain your diverse workforce if or once it's established.

Module 6 - Community Outreach

Support diversity & inclusion both in & out of the organization

Support diversity & inclusion in the communities in which your organization operates to align with your CSR goals & employer branding.

Module 7 - Sustainable Business Model

Build a diversity & inclusion future that will last

Design an all-encompassing sustainability model for ensuring diversity & inclusion is part of your organization's long-term focus.