PhD in Big Data Analytics

Application Process

Students admitted to the PhD in Big Data Analytics should hold a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree preferred) from a regionally accredited institution, in an area relevant to the focus they anticipate pursuing within the PhD program. While a mathematics, statistics, computer science or related degree is not required for admission, students must have had some level of training and/or experience in technology, including areas such as computer programming through data structures, database management systems, linear algebra and networking and graph theory. Each student’s application will be reviewed by the Doctoral Program Committee to determine their level of technical qualifications to pursue the PhD in Big Data Analytics. If deficiencies are noted, then additional suggested coursework may be required prior to admission.

The application requirements can be reviewed at this link

Applicants should upload all documents to the online application. The online application will also give the option of listing the contacts for references. The references will be contacted once the application has been submitted and the fee paid. They will then be able to complete the recommendation letter through the email that is sent to them from the application system. Applicants should not mail any hard copies unless they are offered admission to the program.