PhD in Big Data Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GRE required?

Yes, the GRE is required for any application

What is the application deadline?

The deadline for applications is February 1 in order to be considered for a Fall start

Can I start in the summer?

No, the program admits students only for a start in the Fall semester

Can I work while pursuing this degree?

Yes you can potentially work while pursuing this degree. However, please note that this is a full-time PhD program and courses are in person and meet during the day.

How many years does it take to complete the program?

This is a 3-year program and students are expected to fullfill all of the requirements at the end of their third year

Are there any scholarship or funding opportunities?

Admission to the program does not guarantee funding. While students will be accepted on a “admit-only” basis, we will do our best to match each admitted student with faculty that have research funding available.

Can the foundation courses be taken in the first semester all together? 

Yes the foundation courses can be taken in the first semester (or even during the summer before the start of the Fall semester)

Is the qualifying exam just a research paper and code going with it? Is there only one qualifying exam?

Yes the qualifying exam is a completed research paper (plus code) which you will have completed together with your faculty advisor(s) and submitted to either an academic conference or journal.