Study Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the deadlines for study abroad programs?

  • Fall semester exchange - February 15
  • Spring semester exchange - September 15
  • Summer study abroad – Deadlines vary between January and March.

I have not studied a foreign language. Can I still study abroad?

Of course! Study abroad is about more than just learning a new language. USF offers a lot of programs in English speaking countries, as well as English speaking classes in other countries. You can also take beginner level foreign language classes.

Do all students need a visa to study abroad?

Not all countries require a visa. And if you are not a U.S. citizen, visa requirements can be very different for you than a U.S. citizen.

For U.S. citizens to find out if a visa is required for a particular destination, visit

All Non-U.S citizens will need to check with Consulates or the Embassy of your destination to see if a visa is required for you. International students studying on a visa at USF must see an International Student Advisor at USF before departing the U.S. You can make an appointment on the USF International Services website.

How do I select my study abroad classes?

You can participate in any program as long as you meet the program requirements. Also, make sure that the classes that you are taking will count towards your major. Make an appointment with your academic advisor to learn more about the different classes you need to take.

What is an exchange program?

USF has bilateral reciprocal exchange agreements with universities around the world. These programs are semester long. Students pay their home tuition and are not charged with foreign tuition from the hosting institution. Credit is transferred back as direct USF credit. These are the most economical type of programs available and allow USF students to take classes alongside the host institution students.

Can I do an internship while studying abroad?

Yes! Internships abroad are offered to students through USF and several different affiliate programs. USF Education Abroad tries to curate a list of programs that meet student needs. In addition, USF has contracted with several providers and approved most of its programs for students to participate.

Can I study abroad during my last semester of college?

We do not recommend studying abroad in your last semester of college since we prefer to prevent any issues with transferring credits that might affect your graduation.

When is the best time to study abroad?

Sophomore year is the best time to study abroad. During this year, students will have several electives available and will have already completed pre-requisites for their business classes. All of this gives students more options to choose from, instead of being limited to a couple of programs.

Are there any scholarships for study abroad?

Yes, study abroad scholarships can be found on the Education Abroad webpage.

You can also find more scholarships through the Muma College of Business.

Will summer study abroad count toward USF’s nine credit/hour summer requirement?

Yes, they will count towards the summer credits requirement.