Study Abroad


While USF offers numerous excellent programs that are open to all USF students, the Muma College of Business offers separate programs exclusively for business majors where students can earn business credit hours that apply toward their majors. Costs and accommodations vary by location, itinerary, and coursework offerings. Aid is available for some all study abroad programs.

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Full semester exchange programs allow students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of their host nation and attend classes at partner institutes, colleges, or universities with other foreign students as well as those local to the region. These longer trips allow students to truly get to know the people and culture while experiencing day-to-day life in another country.


Summer study abroad programs are designed to provide an intense academic experience while immersing students in the culture of their host country. Led by Muma College of Business faculty, these programs are a great way for students to earn USF credit hours that apply toward business degree programs as well as USF's summer academic requirements.


Several international internships are available to students, programs sponsored by external organizations. As a resource to help students find international internships, several of the more popular internships are listed, but students are responsible for exploring, vetting, and handling arrangements for such programs.