Study Abroad

Semester Programs

Full semester exchange programs allow students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of their host nation and attend classes at partner institutes, colleges, or universities with other foreign students as well as those local to the region. These longer trips allow students to truly get to know the people and culture while experiencing day-to-day life in another country.

These programs differ from summer study abroad programs in several ways:

  • programs last an entire spring or fall semester,
  • students travel solo, choosing from a list of partner institutions,
  • students select courses that align with their major and are taught by faculty at partner institutions,
  • students are required (in most cases) to be fully admitted to the Muma College of Business with a 2.75+ GPA,
  • all students (even out-of-state) pay in-state tuition to USF while attending foreign universities,
  • participants must have completed 60+ credit hours and must return to USF for at least one semester before graduating,
  • students have more freedom to explore local businesses, cultures, food, tourist attractions, and life experiences.

Costs vary based upon location. Housing, personal expenses, and costs associated with excursions are the student's responsibility.

Students choose location, duration, and courses based on their individual needs, major, and career goals. Students are strongly encouraged to make personal appointments with staff in the Muma College of Business International Programs office; we can help students help determine which locations/programs are best suited for them and provide guidance with the (sometimes cumbersome) enrollment and registration process.

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USF Featured Programs for Semester Exchange

Deakin University, Edith Cowen University, Macquarie UniversityUniversity of Tasmania

Concordia University, Laval University

Universidad Diego Portales

University of Copenhagen

Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination Exchanges Franco-Americains, NEOMA Business School, Strasbourg Business School

University of Osnabrueck

Akita International UniversityKansai Gaidai University

South Korea
EWHA Womans University, Hallym University, Yonsei University

Universidad de Oviedo

Uppsala University

University of Exeter, Oxford Brookes University, University of Nottingham

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