To us, the business world is our classroom and USF's undergraduate curriculum provides rich opportunities to bridge theory and practice, just as our metropolitan location provides opportunities for student internships, part-time jobs, and cooperative education experiences relevant to students' career goals.

Bachelor of Arts/Science

The two undergraduate degrees offered, the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science, are broad enough in nature to give students an understanding of the arts, humanities, and sciences, while narrow enough to provide a thorough understanding business and management tenets. Students may pursue the general business degree or major in the following areas: accounting, advertising, economics, finance, management, marketing, information systems, or international business.


All students, regardless of major, complete 54 credit hours of study in the arts, humanities, and sciences. This general education requirement insures that students gain a broad-based understanding of the global societal environment and provides the opportunity to develop critical thinking and communication skills. Students also complete at least one business or non-business (general education) course that deals primarily with contemporary global topics.

In addition to general education requirements, students complete a 36 credit hour business core designed to address a common body of knowledge required for successfully assuming management responsibilities across disciplines in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Depending upon the program, major course work requires 18-30 credit hours of specialized study. College of Business residency requirements for graduation exceed the minimum requirements established by the University. Students are required to satisfactorily complete at least 50% (30-33 credit hours, depending on major) of required business courses and at least 12-18 credit hours in the major field at USF.

Study Abroad

There are numerous opportunities to discover the international business arena, with programs that often transform the way students think, solve problems, and view the world around them. Students can compare business practices, view overseas operations, and learn how to approach problems in a global marketplace.

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