Scholarships and Awards

Through the generous support of many donors, the School of Aging Studies has a number of scholarships and awards that support our programs.


The School of Aging Studies hosted its first in-person event since the pandemic began. Faculty, staff, students, and community partners were honored for their outstanding contributions to the field and to the school's success. 

The following students received scholarship awards:

  • Wiley P. Mangum Scholarship in Gerontology: Jennifer Hurtt and Christina McVay
  • Kymberly Jane Harris Endowed Scholarship in Long Term Care Administration: Kaylie Manikis
  • Tollette Family Endowed Scholarship in Gerontology: Haley Campbell
  • Wolowec Scholarship: Britney Veal and Cassidy Doyle 
  • Harold L. Sheppard Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Manninkattil Unni
  • Kenneth E. and Peggy Sponagle Endowed Scholarship: Ryan Matipano
  • Kathryn Hyer Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Public Policy and Aging: Charity Lewis
  • H. Edward Greely and Mildred Greely Endowed Fellowship in Aging Studies: Christina Mu

The following faculty and staff received awards:

  • Sue V. Saxon Outstanding Teaching Award in the Field of Gerontology: Gregory Holder, JD, MBA
  • Wiley P. Mangum Outstanding Service Award in the Field of Gerontology: Rosa Diaz

In addition, each year the School of Aging Studies recognizes leaders in community organizations who give their time and effort to provide School of Aging Studies students with experience in the field. We are deeply grateful for their help with our program:

  • Remona Singleton – Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services
  • Veronica Maxwell -  Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services
  • Ben Carotenuto
  • Michelle Arias – Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc.
  • Gene Chilton – Meals on Wheels Plus
  • Douglas Adkins – Day Spring Village
  • Christopher Grella – Plaza West Health Care
  • Ronald Tencza – St. Petersburg Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Kimberly Lehigh – Blue Heron Senior Living
  • Michelle Arnold – University of South Florida, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Morgan Oktela Fuentes – USF College of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology – Hearing & Balance Center
  • Rebecca Perry – Angels Senior Living at New Tampa

Other Awards

  • Outstanding Alumni Award: Kevin Hansen, PhD
  • Community Partner of the Year Award: Robin Ingles, CEO of Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay
  • Kathryn Hyer Professional Mentorship Award: Veronica Maxwell, MEd, Hillsborough County Department of Aging

ALTRUSA Foundation Report, April 2013

The School of Aging studies would like to congratulate USF Senior and Gerontology Major, Taylor Jean Prickett, for being the inaugural recipient of the Altrusa International of Tampa Wilma B. Hogan Foundation Scholarship. The Altrusa International of Tampa, established in 1953, was built upon the desire of local professionals to "volunteer their energies and expertise in projects dedicated to community betterment." Prickett, a first-generation college student and the only one of her six siblings to attend college, is an active Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) Student Leader who has not only participated in CLCE initiatives such as the Gandhi Day of Service and the Stampede of Service but is also pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies through the CLCE. Prickett was able to personally thank her benefactors at a recent Altrusa Club meeting and luncheon.
Click here for the report

Current scholarships and awards include:

  • The Wiley P. Mangum Endowed Scholarship awarded to an outstanding Undergraduate Student.
  • The Dick Rotsell Memorial Endowed awarded to a Junior or Senior pursuing a career in Long Term Care Administration.
  • The Tollette Family Endowed Scholarship Recognizes an upper-level undergraduate student who has demonstrated significant scholarly achievement and who shows financial need.
  • The Dr. Tom Rich Scholarship presented by the Board of Directors of West Coast Area Agency on Aging. A $1,500 award to a Masters student currently enrolled for an internship.
  • Harold L. Sheppard Endowed Memorial Scholarship to the student in the M.A. program in Gerontology who has demonstrated the highest level of academic performance and promise as a gerontologist.
  • Kymberly Jane Harris Endowed Scholarship in Long Term Care Administration Established in the memory of Kymberly Harris, who exemplified commitment to providing outstanding long-term care for older adults
  • H. Edward and Mildred E. Greely Endowed Fellowship in Aging Studies Established in the memory of H. Edward and Mildred E. Greely to encourage research in the area on aging
  • The Kenneth and Peggy Sponagle Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Gerontology was established by the Sponagle family to encourage and reward promising graduate students in the field of gerontology at the University of South Florida. Longtime supporters of research and education in gerontology, the Sponagle's have endowed this scholarship program to recognize a graduate student who has demonstrated significant scholarly achievement and who shows financial need. The scholarship is to be presented each year to the most deserving candidate in recognition of the continuing commitment and generosity of the Sponagle family in furthering gerontological education.
  • The Russ and Janelle Lucas Scholarship for Doctoral Student Study of Family Caregiving - this scholarship will support the research of a student in our Ph.D. in Aging Studies program who studies family caregiving.
  • Aging Studies Fellowship is provided to full-time, first year Ph.D. in Aging Studies students as a base of support.
    The purpose of the Aging Studies Fellowship is to provide full-time students with a base of support so that they can devote 100% effort toward acquiring knowledge and research skills necessary for their careers in aging studies. Currently the base fellowship is $15,000 plus the tuition waiver and student health insurance. Typically, most first year full-time students will be supported by this Fellowship.
  • The Wolowec Scholarship was established through the generosity of Ms. Oksanna Wolowec. Mrs. Wolowec’s goal in establishing the scholarship was to make a positive impact in the lives of students who commit their time and energy to the study of aging. Ms. Wolowec is an enthusiastic advocate of efforts to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of human aging. The scholarship is intended for full- and part-time graduate students pursing a major in the School of Aging Studies.

  • The Kathryn Hyer Professional Mentorship Award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding service in mentoring School of Aging Studies students who are serving as interns in nursing homes, assisted living communities, or aging service agencies in the community.