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We receive involuntary examination forms from the 125+ Florida Department of Children & Families designated receiving facilities statewide.  The Baker Act specifies that the following must be mailed to DCF within one working day. The receipt of these forms by the Baker Act Reporting Center is addressed in Florida Administrative Code (65E-5). [The statutory reference relevant to submission of each type of form is listed for each form.]

  • Report of Law Enforcement Officers Initiating Involuntary Examination (CF-MH 3052a) [394.463(2)(a)2]
  • Certificate of Professional Initiating Involuntary Examination (CF-MH 3052b) [394.463(2)(a)3]
  • Ex-parte Order for Involuntary Examination (CF-MH 3001) [394.463(2)(a)1]

Baker Act receiving facilities are required to include a Cover Sheet to the Department of Children and Families (CF-MH 3118) with the 3052a, 3052b and 3001 forms as specified in Florida Administrative Code [F.A.C. 65E-5.280(5)].

We also receive petitions and orders for involuntary inpatient placement and involuntary outpatient services from Clerks of Court statewide. We receive the following documents as per F.S. 394 and Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC) Advisory 18-009:

Involuntary Inpatient Placement:

  • Petition for Involuntary Inpatient Placement (DCF suggested form CF-MH 3032) [394.467(3)]
  • Order for Involuntary Inpatient Placement (suggested form CF-MH 3008) [394.463(2)(e)]

Involuntary Outpatient Placement:

  • Petition for Involuntary Outpatient Placement/Outpatient Services (suggested form CF-MH 3130) [394.4655(4)(c)]
  • Order for Involuntary Outpatient Placement/Outpatient Services (suggested form CF-MH 3155) [394.463(2)(e)]
  • Certificate & Continued Individualized Treatment Plan of Outpatient Treatment (suggested form CF-MH 3145) [394.4655(8)(a)4]