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CFS Impact Report

The Impact Report provides a general overview and highlights accomplishments of our academic programs, research, and technical assistance initiatives. Our diverse research portfolio, combined with increased academic programs in behavioral health have created new energy and stronger commitments to improving the quality and effectiveness of services in behavioral health settings.

2023 CFS Impact

CFS Newsletter

The newsletter profiles department activities related to special events, faculty, staff and students, as well as academic programs, funded research, and technical assistance initiatives.

Peer-Reviewed Journals Edited Within CFS

The "Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research" (JBHS&R) is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes articles on the organization, financing, delivery, dissemination and implementation, and outcomes of behavioral health services, including alcohol, substance use, and mental disorders. The JBHS&R is the official publication of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. The Editor-in-Chief of JBHS&R is CFS Faculty member Dr. Bruce Lubotsky Levin.

Faculty/Staff Publications

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