Undergraduate Minor in ABA


Providing students with the opportunity to practice key concepts and principles in ABA is a hallmark of the undergraduate ABA courses offered at USF. Each course is designed to allot 30-50% of the class time for practical exercises in which students apply what they have learned in class to a simulated or real life scenario. Furthermore, students receive individualized feedback to help sharpen their use of these newly acquired skills.

In the Practicum in ABA course, students sample and gain experience with a wide range of ABA applications. This course trains students in various applications of ABA. Students spend much of the class time practicing implementation of these applications with an instructor and/or teaching assistant.

Throughout the courses, opportunities are presented for students to gain clinical and research experience in the field of ABA. Graduate students as well as Faculty in the ABA Master's Program often are in need of Research Assistants. In addition, local ABA companies are frequently looking for qualified individuals. These positions are disseminated to students throughout the semester.

At the end of the spring semester, the Practical Opportunity Fair is held for students taking spring courses in ABA. The Practical Opportunity Fair is an event in which ABA community partners, graduate students, and faculty present opportunities available for undergraduate students. During this event, students have time to network with these professionals and inquire about positions that will allow them to gain the required supervised experience needed to sit for the BCaBA exam.

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