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Bridging Science and Practice in the Training of Applied Behavior Analysts

The Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is designed to meet growing needs in Florida and nationally for practitioners who can work effectively in the fields of developmental disabilities, education, autism, child protective services, rehabilitation, mental health, and business and technology. ABA provides an approach for developing, implementing, and evaluating practical strategies to produce changes in socially significant behaviors of individuals in the context of community settings. Application Details.

Program Mission

  • prepare graduates in applied behavior analysis to work in a variety of fields including autism, education, developmental disabilities, child protective services, mental health, and rehabilitation
  • provide graduates with knowledge and skills needed to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)
  • provide graduates with the expertise to be successful researchers
  • contribute to the field of applied behavior analysis by producing quality research and increasing the number of practicing behavior analysts.

Program Objectives

  • provide students with a wide range of practicum opportunities preparing them to work in a variety of settings and with various populations
  • graduate students within 2 years that pass the BACB exam and become Board Certified Behavior Analysts
  • graduate students that will obtain job placements immediately upon graduating
  • graduate students that will publish research articles in the field's peer reviewed journals.

View examples of student research from USF ABA programs.

Three important features characterize the scientific basis upon which ABA is built:

  1. It focuses upon objectively measurable behavior of individuals;
  2. It studies environmental influences upon the targeted behaviors; and
  3. It places a premium upon single-subject research designs to analyze the effects of different environmental variables.

The 45-credit-hour master's degree in ABA is interdisciplinary and is housed in the College of Behavioral and Community sciences. It provides coursework and practical supervision across three colleges (College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education).

This interdisciplinary program was designed to create a comprehensive, cohesive degree program in applied behavior analysis to train students to become practitioners and researchers. Students are required to demonstrate knowledge of applied behavior analysis in courses that constitute a core curriculum, demonstrate applied behavior analysis skills through supervised practicum experiences, and demonstrate research skills by completing a thesis. The master's degree program was designed to prepare students to meet the standards to be Board Certified Behavior Analysts. It will assist in their preparation for employment in fields where there are growing demands for competent professionals with expertise in applied behavior analysis. Application Details

BACB Verified

The USF ABA Masters Program practicum is verified by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).

ABAI Accredited

The USF ABA Master's Program is accredited by the ABAI Accreditation Board.

ABAI Verified

The USF ABA Masters Program is verified by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

**Please note our program is designed to ensure that you meet the BACB coursework and experience requirements to sit for the exam. Individual states may have additional requirements (e.g., additional experience hours; supervision by a licensed behavior analysts) that must be met to attain licensure to practice as a behavior analyst. You are responsible for checking on whether our program meets your state's licensing laws for behavior analysts. The Association for Professional Behavior Analysts provides information on licensure and other regulations of ABA practitioners by state at  If you require any documentation from our program to meet your state's licensing requirement, contact Tracy-Ann Gilbert Smith.