Master of Science in ABA


ABA Grads

Students are admitted into the masters program as full time students with the expectation that they will graduate with their master's degrees in two years. Students complete most of their course work in the first year of the program and complete their master's thesis research in the second year. Students participate in practicum training under the supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts in community agencies throughout both years in the program. Upon completion of the masters program, students are ready to sit for the certification exam administered by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board.

Requirements for Admission

Students will be admitted to the program in the Fall semester. Students may apply after conferral or anticipated conferral of their bachelor's degree. Students who apply must have:

A complete application must include the following information required by the Graduate School:

In addition, students must also submit:

Admission Decision

A decision about each applicant's candidacy is made by the faculty based on: