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ABA Students Share Research During Virtual CABA Event

ABA CABA Event April 7, 2021

Screenshots from April 7th ABA Master's Program: Community Applications of Behavior Analysis Virtual Poster Expo

Celebrating the different applications of behavior analysis in our community, the ABA Master's Program held a Community Applications of Behavior Analysis (CABA) Virtual Poster Expo on April 7th for students to share results of their practicum or self-management projects.

42 first and second year students shared their case studies conducted throughout the community in 19 different agencies. Case studies focused on a variety of topics including; increasing fluency of reading, improving feedback skills of personal trainers, bullying safety skills intervention for children with disabilities, decreasing student off-task behavior during a virtual zoom class, and increasing appropriate play for a child with ASD, to name a few.

The USF ABA Practicum follows the experience guidelines of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, which requires 1,000 total hours of practicum experience (2nd year students) or 1,500 total hours of concentrated fieldwork (1st year students). Students work 20 hours per week at their practicum site under the direct supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Dr. Catia Cividini-Motta teachers the practicum seminar courses and helps students identify appropriate practicum sites.

“Our students continue to stay focused during such an unprecedented academic environment and did an excellent job presenting their case studies," said Dr. Cividini-Motta. "We look forward to seeing them continue to help their clients make progress on skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals.”

Currently, USF collaborates with community agencies serving children and individuals in the fields of developmental disabilities, autism, education, child protective services, child behavior disorders, rehabilitation, mental health, and business and technology. ABA students provide over 35,000 of community service through practicum placements annually.