PhD in ABA

Admission Requirements

The application deadline is December 5th, 2019.


Admission Requirements:

Minimum of 3.5 GPA in a master's program
A score above the 40th percentile on the quantitative, verbal, and analytic subtests of the GRE
Research experiences and expertise
Three strong letters of recommendation
Personal statement describing experiences and accomplishments in ABA, future goals, and reasons for applying to the USF ABA doctoral program
In the personal statement identify your (a) first choice for dissertation advisor and why you want to work this faculty member, and (b) second choice for dissertation advisor and why you want to work this faculty member
Curriculum Vitae
Campus visit and interview with ABA faculty members

Program Requirements:

  1. The program will only accept students with a master's degree in applied behavior analysis who have completed 18 credit hours of didactic coursework in behavior analysis in the following areas:
    • Basic behavioral principles (3 credits)
    • Research methods (3 credits)
    • Conceptual foundations (3 credits)
    • Applied behavior analysis (6 credits)
    • Ethics (3 credits)
  2. An accepted master's thesis in behavior analysis (i. e., an experimental evaluation of the effects of an intervention or other independent variables on behavior)
  3. 10 credit hours of practicum (or equivalent)

To apply to the ABA doctoral program:

If you have difficulty accessing this page directly, please follow the steps below

  • Visit the USF Admissions Page
  • Click on "Apply" on left side
  • Click on "Apply" on the right side next to "Graduate Admissions"
  • Create an account
  • Start your application and choose Applied Behavior Analysis PhD from the drop down menu

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