See what employers and students are saying about the fully-online Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABH) program at USF.

What employers are saying...

Champions For ChildrenChampions for Children

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“When working with students, my goal is to help them feel and experience real-life situations. I like to help them learn to ask the right questions while talking to a variety of individuals working with children and families.”
– Scott Bryant-Comstock, CMHN

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Engage Behavioral Health

"Our population is an exact fit for the students in the CABH program. We serve a variety of children and adolescents, all with unique characteristics and facing a variety of challenges across home and school environments."
– Engage Behavioral Health

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 What students are saying...

Haley cmhnHaley Vernoy

"As my career turned from the bedside and clinical care to more of an advocate role, I noticed that various influences affected my role and ability to care for those in need of mental health services."

Read more about her field placement work in her post, "Reflections on Policy, Process and the ISMIC.

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Haley Vernoy


mankinCaitlyn Mankin

 "The flexibility of an online program allowed me to continue working and living elsewhere in Florida while also obtaining a master's degree from one of the highest-ranking universities in Florida. This program is designed for students to learn and practice the skills they are learning through different projects and collaborations."


AlchinLisa Alchin

"Throughout my adult life, I have spent time both as a volunteer and an employee in positions that contribute to the welfare of children and adolescents. After completing my undergrad, I was eager to acquire a deeper understanding of the nuances that encompass facilitating effective programs dedicated to helping this population."


gitchChristine Gitch

"My very first semester in the MSCABH program, I sought out any professors in the program who would willingly let me get involved with their research. The more experience I gain working with individuals with developmental disabilities, the more my thirst for knowledge and research continues to grow." 


perryAnileidy Perry

"As soon as I read about the program, it automatically caught my attention and I felt that this was the program for me. Today, I am glad to say that I wasn't mistaken because it is truly the best program that I could of have chosen. It is giving me the necessary tools and knowledge that I need to be successful." 


kleinKari Klein

"I would say that if you are looking for a degree that can train you to create change in mental health, then apply for this program. If you are an avid learner and want to take that love for improving the lives of those affected with mental health by becoming a director or supervisor, then this is the program for you." 



Additional Student Quotes

I love the online discussions, and the papers help us integrate what we were learning into real-life application.

This has been one of the most useful and relevant classes to what I hope to do in my future career.

I have truly enjoyed the coursework and feel that it will be beneficial to my future career.

The coursework is a positive challenge. As a professional, I am ever grateful to have gained a knowledge base that will directly apply to my job.

Through critical thinking and analysis, we have learned how to meet the needs of an identified community. Having this tool in my toolkit is valuable and is something tangible that I can take with me throughout my career.

The coursework has helped me incorporate a holistic approach and has demonstrated the need to consider the roles of policy, community need, and existing services in service planning and delivery.