Core Courses

The fully-online Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABH) Master's Program includes core courses covering child and adolescent behavioral health conditions and services, cultural competency, research design, and use of research and evaluation related to child and adolescent behavioral health, developmental disabilities, and policy in behavioral health.

If you are a student, remember to contact your CABH Advisor each semester before registering for classes. CABH Advisors are able to provide specific information on the course numbers and sections and to assist with permit requests.

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39 credit hours are required to complete the program:

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Core Courses (12 hours)

MHS 6069 - Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health (3 credits)
This course provides an introduction to a variety of topics relevant to child and adolescent behavioral health including its history, settings for service provision, and various factors that shape best practice approaches to meet the needs of youth and families.


MHS 6027 - Cultural Competency in Children's Mental Health (3 credits)
The course will explore the need of cultural competence in provision of mental health services in a multicultural society. The course will examine culture and ethnicity, multiculturalism, and intercultural communication. The course will define cultural competence from the perspective of the current different approaches to the concept, and examine cultural competence at both mental health systems and service provision levels. Case studies of how cultural competence is implemented by different mental health organizations will be examined.

MHS 6706 - Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Policy (3 credits)
This course focuses on critical policy issues affecting child and adolescent behavioral health services. Historical, legislative, and policy making issues will be discussed, and U.S. policies will be examined within an inclusive global context.

MHS 6900 - Evaluation & Research Methods in Community Health (3 credits)
This course will cover contextual issues surrounding evaluation, evaluation designs and methodological issues, steps involved in conducting an evaluation, communicating the results, and ensuring that evaluation findings are used by intended users.