Non-Degree Options


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Non-Degree Coursework and Certificate Programs are Available


Still not sure if you're ready for a master's degree program? Been out of school for a while and want to get a feel for the program before applying? Interested in what it's like to take classes fully-online? You can take up to four CABH courses, or 12 credit hours, as a non-degree seeking student at USF prior to acceptance to the program that can be applied toward your degree! For more information regarding non-degree seeking options, please contact us.

Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates are specialized graduate-level credentials reflecting knowledge of the most up-to-date research in the selected field. Certificate completion increases a student’s competitiveness, enhances their performance, and helps prepare them for the changing nature of business. There are currently four graduate certificate programs affiliated with CABH.

Clinical or Counseling-specific Programs

Interested in a clinical or counseling-specific program? Check out the USF programs in: