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The fully-online Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABH) Master's Program admits students in the fall and spring semesters, but is always accepting applications for the upcoming semester(s).

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Still not sure if you're ready for a Master's degree program? Been out of school for a while and want to get a feel for the program before applying? Interested in what it's like to take classes fully-online? You can take up to four CABH courses, or 12 credit hours, as a non-degree seeking student at USF prior to acceptance to the program that can be applied toward your degree! For more information regarding non-degree seeking options, please contact us.

Ready to apply to the fully online CABH program? Before you apply be sure to decide on your track.

You will need to indicate your Track on your application. And don't forget that GRE scores are only required for Thesis track applicants.

Steps to Apply Now

To apply for the CABH program, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the USF Graduate School Application Form online. You can start the application and save what you have entered, returning to it at any time with additional information or supporting documents. After submitting the application, you will need to pay the $30 (USD) application fee.

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Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester priority application deadline: Feb 15th 
  • Spring semester application deadline: Oct 15th

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, 39 total credit hours are required. Those credit hours are comprised of the following courses:

  • 4 core courses (12 credit hours)
  • 7 courses (21 credit hours) including required and elective courses, and
  • 6 credit hours for either the Thesis or Applied track/Non-thesis program
  • Successful completion of the comprehensive examination

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