Comprehensive Exam

Successful completion of the comprehensive examination is a requirement of all candidates for the CABH program. The purpose of the comprehensive examination is to assess student understanding of core competencies across the program's core courses as well as students' ability to apply these core competencies in their areas of concentration. For more information regarding the CABH Comprehensive Exam, please see your advisor.

Students should plan to take the comprehensive examination during the semester after they have successfully completed the required four program core courses and the required concentration courses. Students are required to obtain approval prior to taking the Comprehensive Exam. Students should complete the form and submit it to their Advisor for signature and processing. The deadline to submit the signed form is the last day of the second week of classes in the semester for which the student is applying to take the exam. Please see your advisor to request the form.

Students requesting approval to take the Comprehensive Exam must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and earned no lower than a B on the four courses covered on the comprehensive exam. Students who have earned a grade below a B in any of the four core courses covered on the comprehensive exam will be required to retake the course(s) and achieve a B grade or better in order to qualify to take the exam.

Students prepare for the comprehensive exam by conducting a thorough review of the materials covered in each of the core courses and the concentration core course designated for the Comprehensive Exam. Therefore, it is important to keep the syllabi and other materials from these courses.

The CABH Comprehensive Exam will consist of questions based on the 4 core courses of the program:

  • Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health, MHS 6069
  • Cultural Competency in Children's Mental Health, MHS 6027
  • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Policy, MHS 6706
  • Research & Evaluation in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, MHS 6732