Cultural & Linguistic Competence (CLC) Resource Library for Addressing Behavioral Health Disparities

General CLC Tools

Advancing Cultural Competence Free online training program in cultural competence. Core classes involve the vital role of cultural competency in healthcare and building structural competence that incorporates a narrative humility approach.
Advancing the Mission: Tools for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion This toolkit is for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in organizations.
AUCD Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit Website with tools to increase diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence for diverse populations, including individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Authenticity of the Client's Voice: Looking Through the Cultural Lens of the Client Video that looks through the cultural lens of actual clients in a recovery program and addresses how culture affects treatment.
Business Case for Promoting Equity in the Behavioral Health Care System Through Cultural and Lingustic Competency Document that is part of Ohio's cultural competence plan. The document presents background information regarding cultural and lingustic competence as well as national compliance requirements such as the CLAS Standards.
Best Practice Highlights for Treating Diverse Patient Populations Series of videos to help in assessment and treatment of patients from diverse populations.

Bridging the Cultural Divide in Health Care Settings

En Espanol

This is a manual regarding the use of cultural brokers in the healthcare setting.
Building Culturally & Linguistically Competent Services This site features innovative programs and quality tools for improving cultural and linguistic competence as well as reducing health care disparities for vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minorities.
Building Culturally Competent Organizations This toolkit aids in assessing and enhancing cultural competence in your organization or community effort.
Changing Perception: How to Build Cultural Competence and Humility Webinar that applies a cultural humility and social justice perspective to cultural competency.
CLC Podcasts Series of podcasts addressing clinical issues in serving clients of specific diverse populations such as the LGBTQ+ community and the Hispanic/Latino community.
Community Conversations About Mental Health: Information Brief This information guide is for communities to begin conversations regarding mental health and to develop strategies for their communities.
Conversations on Cultural and Linguistic Competence: Discussion Guides for Anaheim City School District Discussion guides for CLC conversation designed to assist in framing discussions about CLC and related issues.

Cultural Activation Prompts: Gaining Awareness, Part I

Cultural Activation Prompts: Gaining Awareness, Part II

Webinars that provides the definition of culture and encourages participants to explore their own cultural identity.
Cultural Competence Resources The listing of resources is for professionals and the general public provided by SAMHSA.
Cultural Competency: An Organizational Strategy for High-Performing Delivery Systems This issue brief shows how culturally competent care aids organizationsprovide care that is equitable, patient centered and of high quality.
Culture and Health: Does My Doctor Know Who I Am? Podcast that addresses how culture affects mental health and mental health treatment, while discussing the use of the Cultural Formulation Interview.
Diálogos comunitarios acerca de la salud mental: Guía de planificación This is a Spanish version of a planning guide for communities and service providers to lead conversations about mental health. English and spansih versions available.
Effective Cross Cultural Communication Primer that discusses the basic concepts of how culture affects communication, the use of person first language, and the CLAS Standards.
Enhancing Cultural Competence in Social Service Agencies: A Promising Approach to Serving Diverse Children and Families This brief provides an overview of cultural competence for organizations serving children and families from diverse ethinc and cultural backgrounds.
Guide to Providing Effective Communication and Language Assistance Services The Think Cultural Health website offers tools and resources that will help individuals and organizations communicate effectively with patients and clients.
Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic, and Culturally Diverse Populations Series of guidelines established by the APA to guide practitioners in providing services to diverse individuals.
Health Research and Educational Trust Disparities Toolkit The Toolkit is a Web-based tool that provides hospitals, health systems, clinics, and health plans information and resources for systematically collecting race, ethnicity, and primary language data from patients.
Honing Cultural and Linguistic Competence A resource for innovative programs and quality tools for improving cultural and linguistic competence as well as reducing health care disparities for vulnerable populations.
Implementing Culture-Based Wraparound This book chapter discusses implememtation of a culture based wraparound system.
Improving Cultural Competence: Tip 59 Assists professional care providers and administrators in understanding the role of culture in the delivery of substance abuse and mental health services. Discusses racial, ethnic, and cultural considerations and the core elements of cultural competence.
Looking Through the Cultural Lens of the Service Provider Video that discusses how culture affects the views, belief,s and actions of service providers, while looking through the cultural lense of an actual service provider.
Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide A guide to help organizations assess the racial equity of their organizations and and their polices and programs.
Recruitment and Retention of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse School Psychologists in Graduate Education Programs Tip Sheet with strategies for increasing diversity in the workforce of school psychologists
Rural and Remote Practice Settings Video on using telepsychiatry in rural and remote settings.
Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide Tip Sheet on preventing hate and hate crimes.
SBDI Toolkit: A Community Resource for Reducing School-Based Arrests Toolkit that discuses the values and core elments of school based diversion programs.
Trauma Informed Community Building: Model for Strengthening Community in Trauma Affected Neighborhoods A discussion of the trauma-informed Community Building model used in BRIDGE Housing Corp. located in San Francisco, CA.
Use of Telepsychiatry in Cross-Cultural Settings Video providing information on how to use telepsychiatry in cross cultural settings
Working with Cultural Diversity in Early Psychosis A clinical guide for practioners to help them work witrh culturally diverse populations, including how to work with diverse families, how to explore the cultural explanatory model of illness and ways to work with intepreters.