Research & Training

CFS Research and Training Activities by Topic

Reduction in Mental Health Disparities

Florida Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education: Florida AWARE “Building Resiliency in Diverse Groups of Empowered Stakeholders (BRIDGES)” Project AWARE - USF

Florida AWARE builds capacity of school and community-based resources to respond to the needs of students with mental health needs; implement mental health awareness training to school staff and other adult stakeholders; enhance school climate with programming to promote the healthy development of school-aged youth, prevent youth violence, and reduce the number of students referred for disciplinary action, and; address policy and practices necessary to apply outcomes to other districts in Florida. USF serves as evaluators of the project, including tracking annual and cumulative 5-year goals and specific objectives associated with each goal.

Contact: Donald Kincaid, EdD
Funder: Florida Department of Education/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Making Connections for Mental Health

This collaborative evaluation assesses the implementation of the Making Connections Initiative at sites across the U.S. The Making Connections Initiative supports the development of prevention-focused, responsive strategies to promote mental well-being among men and boys.

Contact: Roxann McNeish, PhD
Funder: Movember Foundation

Statewide Evaluation: Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction Health Equity Program

This study evaluates how well statewide equity initiatives have worked to reduce disparities in mental health and substance use services as experienced by racial/ethnic communities, LGBTQ+ youth, and others. Findings will be used to address two areas: 1) assessing how well DMHA equity initiatives have reduced disparities and 2) using study findings to generate recommendations and technical assistance to support ongoing equity efforts, including funding and policy changes, oversight of behavioral health service provision, and increasing providers that are embedded in underserved communities throughout the state.

Contact: Linda Callejas, Phd
Funder: Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction Health Equity