ASL Placement Test

If you are a USF student with proficiency in American Sign Language which does not come from recent college-level coursework, the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers a placement test to assess skill level and can be used to determine the appropriate ASL course for which you can register.  If you are hoping to take ASL to satisfy foreign language requirements for your degree, please check with your major advisor to ensure ASL is recognized as an option, as not all majors will allow it to satisfy degree requirements.

Please note that the placement test results do not give you earned credit toward your degree, rather the results will let you know if you have the appropriate skill level to be exempt from taking ASL I, ASL II, etc. 

If you are an admitted student and would like to pursue the ASL placement test to determine your skill level and course eligibility, please send an email to ASLplacement@usf.edu .  You will need to include your full legal name, University ID Number (UID#), major, and your request for the ASL placement assessment.  

There are two parts to the ASL Placement test.  Once your email request is received by a member of our ASL Interpreting faculty, you will be added to a course in Canvas.  There are four modules in the Canvas course that you will be required to complete.  Once all four modules in Canvase are complete, please follow the instructions in the email sent to you by the professor and reach out to let them know you have completed the Canvas portion of the exam.  After they receive your email noting you’ve completed the modules, you will be sent instructions for the second portion of the exam to assess your expressive/signing skills via video.  Your ASL Placement test will not be considered complete until you complete both portions of the test: the four modules in the Canvas course and the assessment of your expressive skills via video.  Results will be emailed to you and the advisor for the ASL Interpreting program who can issue any prerequisite overrides necessary once received.