Deaf Studies Minor

The Deaf Studies minor at USF will provide students with an overview of the language and culture of the American Deaf community. This content complements and enhances a variety of work settings and environments.  

Requirements to earn the Deaf Studies minor (17 total credits)

ASL 2140C: Basic American Sign Language
ASL 2150C: Intermediate American Sign Language
ASL 3514: Deaf Culture
SPA 3002: Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders
SPA 3470: Culture and Diversity in CSD

GPA Requirements:
A cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better must be achieved in minor coursework in order for a student to be certified for graduation with a minor in Deaf Studies.

Grading Requirement:
A minimum grade of C- is required for each course.

Residency Requirement:
Students seeking a minor in Deaf Studies must complete a minimum of three (3) of the five required courses within the minor through the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at USF.

Course availability:
Seat availability in ASL courses is limited and is first-come/first-served, with priority consideration given to Interpreting majors meeting major requirements to graduate. Declaring the minor does not guarantee seat availability; therefore, students should attempt to register as soon as possible each semester.

Minor Declaration Process:
The Deaf Studies minor is housed in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences. To be eligible to declare the minor in Deaf Studies, students must have a USF system GPA higher than a 2.0, which means students can declare after their first graded semester at USF.  Additionally, the college requires the approval of a student’s major advisor in order to process the minor declaration.  We encourage students to make an appointment with their major advisor to discuss how adding a minor can impact time to degree and risk of excess credit hours.  If approved, major advisors can provide documentation in a student’s Degreeworks audit.  At that point, students can submit the minor declaration found on the college website: https://intra.cbcs.usf.edu/Forms/DeclareMinor/index.cfm