DST Course of Study

Prerequisites (State Mandated Common Prerequisites) for Students transferring from a Florida College System Institution:

There are no State Mandated Common Prerequisites for this degree program.

The following courses are required for the major:

Foundational Courses (12 credits)

ASL 3514 American Deaf Culture (Spring only)
INT 3004 Fundamentals of Interpreting (Fall only)
SPA 3470 Culture and Diversity in CSD (Fall only)
SPA 3002 Introduction to CSD

American Sign Language Proficiency Courses (11 credits)

ASL 2140C Basic American Sign Language
ASL 2150C Intermediate American Sign Language
ASL 4161C Advanced American Sign Language

Elective courses (18 credits, minimum)
A minimum of 18 credits of electives are required, with at least 9 credits in a single elective area:

Area 1: Social Services Perspective
CCJ 3024 Survey of Criminal Justice
GEY 3625 Sociocultural Aspects of Aging
MHS 3411 Multidisciplinary Behavioral Healthcare Services
CCJ 3014 Crime and Justice in America
MHS 4434 Behavioral Health and the Family
GEY 4612 Psychology of Aging
SOW 3203 Introduction to Social Work

Area 2: Oral/Aural Communication
SPA 3004 Introduction to Language Development and Disorders (Spring only)
SPA 3261 Language Science for Communication Sciences and Disorders (Spring only)
SPA 3030 Introduction to Hearing Science (Fall only)
SPA 3310 Introduction to Disorders of Hearing (Spring only)
SPA 3112C Applied Phonetics in Communication Disorders (Fall only)
SPA 4321 Introduction to Audiologic Rehabilitation (Fall only)

Area 3: Manual/Visual Communication
INT 4490 Introduction to Cued Speech and Its Applications
ASL 4201 American Sign Language IV
ASL 4301C Structure of Sign Language
INT 3270 Interpreting Process & Skill Development
ASL 3324 Advanced ASL Discourse