Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace Course

Frequently Asked Questions

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For technical questions and support related to registering for the badge/certificate, payment issues related to the badge/certificate, or registering in Canvas to take the quizzes, contact USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education at:

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Will enrollment be by session, or do I just need to enroll once to access the whole course?

You only need to enroll once to access the whole course.

How can I tell if I am enrolled in the Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace Course?

Participants will receive a confirmation email of their successful enrollment after completing the enrollment form.

I cannot afford to pay the fee to get the badge. Is there a way to access the course and badging for free?

All sessions are available to take free of charge. There is a $179 fee if you choose to earn the certificate and digital badge.

Will this course be time-limited, or will I be able to enroll and take this course at any point in the future?

The course content will be available to view at your own pace for the foreseeable future.

How do I remove myself from this program? If I do so, can I get a refund of the certificate/badging fee?

You can stop taking the course at any time. However, if you have paid for the certificate/badging, no refunds will be issued.


Content/Program Elements

Will new content be released week-by-week, or will the whole course be made available to me upon enrollment?

During the initial launch of the course, a new session was released each week. Now that the initial launch is over, all sessions will be immediately available to enrolled participants.

Will I need to access or buy any textbooks or external materials for this course?

No, you will not need to purchase or access any additional materials for this course.

Are there educational requirements I need to meet in order to take this course?

No, there are no educational requirements you must meet to take this course.

If the sessions are pre-recorded, how can I ask questions or get clarification on concepts from presenters?

Contact information for most presenters will be available on the course website for follow-up questions about the course material. If you are unable to get in touch with a presenter regarding your questions, please email for further clarification and support.

Will closed captioning be available for all spoken content?

Yes, all spoken content will include closed captioning.

What happens if I fail a session quiz? Can I re-take it?

If you fail a session quiz, you will have an unlimited number of attempts to re-take it to achieve the minimum passing score of 70%.

Does this course count towards any degree programs or offer continuing education credit?

This course qualifies for 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the University of South Florida. Sessions do not count toward any degree-seeking program at USF.

Please visit our continuing education webpage for updates about opportunities to earn continuing education credit for specific professions.



How will I know if I earned the certificate and digital badge?

If you pass all of the session quizzes with a 70% or higher and pay the $179 fee, you will earn the certificate and digital badge. Once all of the quizzes are completed, an invitation to accept the certificate and digital badge will be sent by USF's Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education via

Is there a final exam?

There is no final exam. However, if you want to earn the certificate and digital badge, you must complete the session quizzes with a score of 70% or higher.

How long after completing all course materials can I expect to receive my certificate and digital badge?

Once all course materials are reviewed and you have completed the quizzes with a minimum passing score of 70% or higher, you will receive your certificate and digital badge.

How can my employer verify that I have completed this course successfully?

Once you have earned your badge, you will be able to display it digitally for verification.

How can I connect with presenters in the course?

Contact information for most presenters will be made available on the course website.

How can I put the badge on my social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, or incorporate it into my CV or resume?

After claiming the digital badge, participants can display the badge on social media, electronic resumes or in email signatures.

Will I receive a printed copy of the certificate, or is it only electronic?

Participants may download and print their own certificate.