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Center History

In 2007, the Florida Legislature authorized and funded the Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant Program and designated the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI), as a site for the Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Technical Assistance Center (CJMHSA TAC) (s.394.657, F.S.). FMHI is a research and training center within the University of South Florida's College of Behavioral & Community Sciences with a long history of collaborative relationships with community agencies and local and state governments. More specifically, the CJMHSA TAC is part of the the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy which is one of two departments that comprise FMHI.

The purpose of the CJMHSA Reinvestment Grant program includes:

  • Diverting individuals with mental health and/or substance issues from the criminal and juvenile justice systems,
  • Improving the accessibility and effectiveness of treatment services for adults and juveniles who have a mental illness, substance abuse disorder, or co-occurring disorder and who are in or at risk of entering the criminal or juvenile justice systems, and
  • Providing funds to plan, implement, or expand initiatives that increase public safety and avert increased spending on criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Between 2007 and June 2016, the CJMHSA TAC has assisted 25 grantee counties who were awarded CJMHSA Reinvestment Grants. The 25 grantee counties have been awarded 12 planning grants, 22 implementation grants, and 12 expansion grants, with some counties receiving multiple grants. The CJMHSA TAC has conducted 26 Sequential Intercept Mappings for grantees. Sequential Intercept Mapping provides an excellent framework for the CJMHSA Reinvestment Grantees to formalize a cross-system strategic plan.

In FY 2016, the Florida Legislature funded the CJMHSA Reinvestment Grant Program with a $9 million recurring appropriation to expand services for persons with mental illness and substance use disorders involved in the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems. In 2017, there are 21 new grantees consisting of seven planning grants and 14 implementation and expansions grants. This expansion of the grant program will allow the CJMHSA TAC to provide assistance to county governments, managing entities, courts, law enforcement, and providers to implement evidenced-based practices as a cross-systems approach.