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Aging studies faculty partner with 211 Tampa Bay Cares to help older adults with disaster preparedness

Lindsay Peterson, PhD and others give advice for older adults to prepare for disasters.

211 Tampa Bay Cares and the School of Aging Studies have teamed up to produce a series of important videos to encourage older adults to prepare for disasters – hurricanes in particular. The series of brief videos provides expert advice from professionals in emergency management and from Alzheimer’s Association staff who share specific guidance to caregivers of persons with dementia.

The videos are based on the research of Lindsay Peterson, PhD, a research assistant professor, with funding from the Retirement Research Foundation. Her co-investigators were Sara Hackett, PhD, Debra Dobbs, PhD, and William Haley, PhD.

The videos cover the following topics:

  • How to know your risk, including how to determine if you are at risk of serious flooding in a hurricane
  • How to build an emergency kit
  • How to maintain a sense of normalcy in a disaster, which can be critical if you are providing care for a person with dementia
  • Tips on the most effective ways to communicate with a person with dementia during a disaster
  • How to decide whether to evacuate or shelter in place for a hurricane

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