About Us


Foreign Influence Compliance is responsible for oversight and coordination of University of South Florida's foreign influence compliance activities as required under Federal and State law, respectively.  Our compliance program facilitates compliance through the establishment of collaborative partnerships with USF stakeholders and compliance partners across all senior vice-presidential areas and USF campuses.  Foreign Influence Compliance serves as the centralized resource for foreign influence-related compliance, policies, training, guidance, monitoring, and reporting to external agencies.  Foreign Influence Compliance ensures compliance with our global engagement initiatives and alignment to our mission, values, and strategic plan.


The purpose of the Foreign Influence Compliance Program is to:

  1. Establish compliance with state and federal regulations related to foreign influence.
  2. Ensure the University remains abreast of emerging foreign influence laws, regulations, and best practices in the higher education sector.
  3. Investigate non-compliance concerns and assist management with developing mitigation strategies and internal controls to address foreign influence risk for the University.
  4. Provide the university community with training resources to facilitate compliance with Federal and State foreign influence legislative and regulatory compliance requirements for gifts, grants, agreements, and partnerships, including employment agreements.
  5. Coordinate foreign influence-related reporting to Federal and State agencies, including compliance reviews prior to submission.

Leadership Commitment 

The University of South Florida is committed to establishing and enforcing regulations pertaining to the integrity and transparency of our global engagements, including the proactive identification and mitigation of potential risk associated with undue foreign influence on our research and academic initiatives.