Doctor of Philosophy

Online Delivery

The Career and Workforce Education program faculty believes in online delivery strategies that provide a flexible and self-regulated environment for learning. All of the program's core and research courses are offered online to provide flexibility for practitioners participating in the program. This approach includes orientation meetings and daylong Saturday information-processing sessions. However, complementary coursework in areas of concentration may or may not be available online.

The extent of online coursework varies depending upon the individual area of concentration and timely availability of online courses. The area of concentration, or cognate, requires a minimum of 12 credit hours (four courses) and in some areas such as instructional technology, related courses are available online. However, in other cognate areas of interest, online courses may not be available online.

In this scenario, students must factor if coming to USF to take courses on campus is feasible. An alternative scenario is to take cognate courses not available online at another institution and transfer the credits to the program of study. In this case, students must plan early and carefully if the flexibility for taking on campus courses is limited.