Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


Our mission is to prepare compassionate, ethically-centered, public intellectuals to become transformative leaders committed to justice in America’s schools. 


The primary instructional methods used to achieve our mission are collaborative inquiry, culturally relevant pedagogy, and public deliberation that addresses both perennial and emerging issues in education. We expect our faculty and students to make value-added contributions to international, national, state, district and school-level policy and to utilize purposeful inclusive leadership practices that lead to learning for all. 


  • Social Justice: We advocate for inclusive, democratic, and just schools, institutions, communities, and society. 
  • Mutual Respect: We advocate for collegiality, collaboration, and ethical practice based upon integrity and mutual respect for both scholarship and practice. 
  • Research-Based Inquiry: We advocate for conducting and fostering research that informs and strengthens educational leadership and educational policy.
  • Direct Engagement: We advocate for direct engagement with individual schools, districts, state and local communities and agencies to shape the direction and quality of education provided to all. 
  • Authenticity: We advocate for authentic, engaging, and problem-based leadership that addresses changing conditions in leadership and education.


  • Promote the development of multi-dimensional collaborative partnerships to improve professional practice. 
  • Achieve national and international recognition for departmental research, teaching, external funding, and service activities. 
  • Increase scholarly productivity among faculty and employment opportunities for students.